Treat yourself to our most popular Private Plus signature class! The Private Plus workout will refresh your mind and body, leaving you feeling happy, balanced, and recharged.

Using the STOTT REFORMER, BERAL, SPRINGBOARD, and CARDIO TRAMP while infusing small props like weights, the Pilates ring, BOSU, this 55-minute session will fly by with endless exercise possibilities!


Semi-Private is great for partners of the same skill level. This 55-minute session provides the same variety of equipment and exercises from our Private Plus session at a reduced rate. Clients must provide his or her own partner.


Are you a cyclist? Runner? Basketball player? Golfer? Then our customized Pilates for Athletes will benefit your body’s specific needs and lay a perfect foundation for whatever sport you’re about to tackle.




Do men do Pilates? Yes, they do! Athletic organizations incorporate Pilates into their training regiments because of the unique benefits Pilates’ offers.

Strengthening the core helps athletes better their game of choice and helps lessen their risk of injury. Many athletes also use Pilates as part of their rehabilitation process.


Finally, the perfect class for those 13-17 years old! This is an ideal age to teach correct posture, improve muscle-sequencing patterns, learn precision and alignment, and build the confidence and awareness teens will need as they grow. Whether they need a competitive edge in their favorite hobby, cross training for a specific sport, or just interested in movement and fitness, this class will inspire and educate while keeping them focused. Our studio is a fun and safe environment that will teach your teen it’s never too soon to develop healthy habits.







This class is designed for your young ones ages 6-12. Whether your child has dreams of becoming a professional dancer or is looking to be a future Olympian, this class will inspire and educate while keeping them focused.

Our goal is to prevent injury and health problems, improve performance and endurance and contribute to long career.


My Pilates Place has helped many women stay fit throughout their pregnancies. We are trained in prenatal Pilates and will help you modify exercises for a safe and effective fitness experience. We are compassionate to the unpredictability of pregnancy and understand that each pregnancy is different.

It is important to be cleared by your physician before beginning any fitness regime and that you always listen to your body.